Backslash character.


This is probably a question for JM ...

I just noticed after making a post in another topic that the backslash characters in my post were removed after I submitted it. I thought I just messed up my post, so I edited and put the backslash characters back in (used in naming a subfolder on Windows computers). Again, the forum software removed the backslashes. I tried both Input formats (Filtered HTML and Filtered HTML with hyperlinks) and the backslash characters were removed.

Is this a new restriction in the forum software? I know I have used backslash many times in the past. I even looked in some old posts and the backslash characters are still displayed.

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Special characters in HTML -

Special characters in HTML - Backslash is represented with the following sequence of characters (ampersand pound 9 2 semicolon):

& # 9 2 ;

put them together without spaces, you get: \\