Delorme - 2015 will be the final version of Street Atlas USA


As per:

Street Altas USA will not be updated for 2016. Street Atlas 2015 will be the final version offered and will be discontinued when current inventory is depleted.

Discussion here:

lots of speculation on the Delorme/Garmin merger


I have

SA 2015 but my preference is TOPO 10, and I suspect that might not be update either.

Not a surprise...

just one more Garmin nail in the Delorme coffin. Sad, but expected.

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Topo is no longer available

Topo is no longer available as a standalone product. It only comes with the InReach, and for how long is debatable. Topo 10 is available on eBay, and it's full price. No discount.

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topo was available with it but they sold them out

Last SA version

for us was 2010...waste of money.

Street Atlas 2015

I'm a retired Naval Aviator (Acft Carrier type)
For over 18 years, I've traveled these United States in my Motor home (3rd now) and always used subject software to guide me on my planned routes. It is on my laptop w/16" Acer plugged in.
When Delorme managed the Street Atlas, all went smooth. When Garmin took over, it took a nose dive.
It's been a sad day.



do you have a copy of Delorme Street atlas 2015. Have 2011, and 2013 but no disc, lent it to girlfriend and she can't find


delorme 2015 street Atlas