Garmin nuvi 2689LMT GPS Travel Case


I have replaced my Garmin nuvi 2595LMT with a Garmin nuvi 2689LMT. My previous hard shell travel case was purchased from The Source. However my new Garmin nuvi 2689LMT (6.6"W x 3.7"H x 0.76"D) will not fit in my old travel case (6.25”W x 4.0”D x 2.0”H) which could accommodate both the GPS unit and Car charger with traffic receiver with ease.

When I searched the net for a travel case for my new GPS the list was long but usually identified as the following:
1. For Garmin Nuvi 2757LM, Nuvi 2797LMT, RV 760LMT 7" GPS
2. 6" 7" GPS Navigation Garmin Nuvi 65LMT 2797lmt
3. Heavy Duty Rugged Slim Line GPS mount/ Cover For The Garmin Nuvi 68 LMT / Garmin Nuvi 2689 LMT.
All travel case height dimensions were 1.5”H.

My main concern is that these travel cases may accommodate the GPS, but can the Car charger with traffic receiver also be stored in the case.

I am wondering the type and size of the travel cases other forum members use for their GPS’s.



Would something like this work:

It's big so that maybe an issue but it has removable compartments which may allow you to put the large Nuvi plus the adapter in it.

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Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT GPS Travel Case

This one says it will accommodate the accessories.

I have a 2689 but I don't keep the accessories in the case with it. I keep those in my truck in the center console compartment. I don't move the GPS from vehicle to vehicle so that works for me though.