Contributors Of The Week 2016-08-22


This week we’re recognizing, Ajasaro!

Ajasaro has been one of our most reliable and dedicated file maintainers for over 9 years!

He maintains a variety of POI files including the National Parks, Monuments, Preserves & Historical Parks file, the Movie Filming Locations file and he recently took over the Federal Prisons file.

Thanks for your many years of dedication to the POI Factory community!

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Away to go.

Congratulations Ajasaro on a job well done.

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Thanks Ajasaro.

Enjoy your week in the spotlight!

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Congratulations Ajasaro

Thanks for your time & contributions and enjoy your week out in the pasture smile

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hip hip

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Thanks for the POI work. We know how much effort that takes.


Congrats Ajasaro, enjoy your

Congrats Ajasaro, enjoy your week.

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Congratulations, Ajasaro!

Congratulations, Ajasaro!

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You're appreciated here, Ajasaro!

Michael (Nuvi 2639LMT)


It up, thanks

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Good going, Ajasaro

Enjoy your week in the pasture.

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Congratulations Ajasaro!

Keep up the GREAT work!


Congrats way to go smile

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Use several of the files you maintain. Thanks! Enjoy your week as a COW smile


Well-done, Ajasaro! Thank you for your efforts!


Congratulations to you Ajasaro!

Great Job

Congrats Ajasaro.

Great to have you here Ajasaro

Ajasaro, Thanks for all you work on all the POIs you maintain. I love to go to movie sights but haven't lately. Will have to look at where you take us.

We enjoyed staying at the house that was in Castaway. We loved seeing the Sleepless in Seattle house on the water. As I said we love to see movie sights.

Thanks again for all you do for this site and enjoy you week.

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Congrats Ajasaro!

Congrats Ajasaro!

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Congratulations Ajasaro!

Enjoy your cow cool

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Congrats & Thank You

The files you maintain are among my favorites (perhaps except the Federal Prisons!).
Thank you very much.

congrats Ajasaro

Enjoy your COW

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thanks ajasaro!

Thanks for all your work on the files!

dobs108 smile

Congrats Ajasaro!

Thank you for your 9+ years of contributions and kudos on your COW award! smile

Congratulations Ajasaro!



Great pick! I use the National Parks list all the time and it's a great resource. Thank you!

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Congrat's Ajasaro. Thanks for all your hard work for the site. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Hope you enjoyed your well deserved week in the pasture.