Street View Picture of Street View Vehicle


Not sure how often you'd see this but here is a street view picture on Google Maps/Earth showing the Street View vehicle parked in the parking lot of the Shoshome Falls Park in Twin Falls Idaho:

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I've seen one or more

of these cars in the Raleigh / Durham / Fayetteville NC area off and on over say the last 3 weeks or so...

I've seen them in the Md, Washington D.C. area a couple of years ago...

Who knows where they'll be next..

I've always wanted someone else to be driving so I could roll down the window and hang out the moon at it during the middle of the day... but it's never my luck.. surprised

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Very neat

He got out with his camera and walked the park. That is great to see. Used to they didn't even drive down the park roads. I followed him on his walk. He walked all the trails and even took photos of the information at the information booth. This is such a great thing for Google to be doing. It is a nice park.

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We should create a

Where's the Google Street View now? kind of interface here on POI..

Similar to the Where's George Website

it would be fun just to see where they are around the world and when..

Maybe get a herd of COW's to go to the pasture and Flash COW em'? mrgreen

Maybe offer the fine folks in the Street View car some of the finest grass from the COW pasture to gnaw on so they too could chew their cud as they mosey around taking pictures of this and that?

Never argue with a pig. It makes you look foolish and it anoys the hell out of the pig!