Contributors Of The Week 2016-08-01


This week we’re recognizing, Mgarledge!

Mary has been a member of the factory for over seven years.
This “gray haired wife and grandmother” from Texas, was our top poster last week and she recently took over the Braum’s Ice Cream & Burger Restaurant file.
We love Mary’s outgoing personality and the energy she puts in to engaging new ideas in our discussion forums.
Thanks for everything you contribute to our community, Mary!


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Always good to hear from you, Mary!

dobs108 smile

Way to go Mary.

It is nice to see you in the COW spotlight again. Enjoy!

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Congratulations Mary. Well deserved for your contributions to the membership.

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Ice Cream, Burgers, COW

Seems like they all have something in common. smile Enjoy the week in the pasture, Mary.

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Thank You

a bunch Mgarledge for your efforts on our behalf.


Yet another worthy recipient

Yet another worthy recipient ... hip hip

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Congrats Mary!

Congrats Mary!

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Congrats Mgarledge!

Well done Mary...always great to see your contributions!

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Congratulations Mary

Enjoy your well deserved week out in the pasture smile

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In your pasture are you??


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Congratulations Mary

Well Done!!



Who does NOT like ice cream? grin


Thanks everyone

I love being in the pasture.

Braunms was my first big POI project to take on. It was a challange but with help I was able to complete the challenge.

It was a labor of love as my favorite food is a good hamburger. My family always know to go to a restaurant that will have a burger if they take me to eat.

Thanks everybody who helped and thank you evetyone for the nice words.
And, thanks Angela for the nice words and for putting me out to pasture.

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Mgarledge, Congratulations!

Thanks for your contributions and enjoy your week of recognition.

Way To Go Mary!!

Enjoy your COW and keep up the good work!

Well Deserved

Congrats, and enjoy. Well deserved , keep up the good work. smile

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Enjoy your week as a COW smile

Another Home run pick

Congratulations Mgarledge/Mary and enjoy your week!

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Congrats to you Mgarledge and thanks!

Congrats Mgarledge!

Kudos on your COW award this week and thank you for your participation and contributions! smile

Congrats Mgarledge

Gray hair is good cool

Enjoy your COW


I have seen the future and it is now!


Congrat's Mgarledge. Thanks for all you do for the site.

Enjoy your well deserved week in the pasture!

Congratulations! Thanks for

Congratulations! Thanks for your contribution


good job Mary

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Good Job!

Thanks Mary ..... We appreciate all your contributions!

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Got Milk?

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Congrats Mgarledge on your

Congrats Mgarledge on your contributions!

Thanks again to everyone

I enjoyed my week in the pasture. I enjoyed my comments from everyone.
Thank all of you for this sight being so great,

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Congrats Mary!

Congrats Mary!

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Well-done, Mgarledge! Keep up the good work!


Keep up the good work!

Congrats Mary!

Thank you for your input!

again, thanks for your

again, thanks for your contributions