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Just to draw an analogy, I decided to get a GPS (Garmin nuvi 660) when the price dropped to $300.

At what point should we all be equipped with front and rear cams?

I think they serve a legitimate purpose. Every day on my commute people roll stop signs. With nobody around, it's a he said / she said. With a cam, the person rolling the stop is gonna be busted when there is an accident. The time is going to come imho when people cannot easily lie, because everything is in HD.

On one of my car forums, a person's clutch was burned out when he valet'd his car in NYC. He stated he could smell it. The garage denied it and there is no proof.

So I'm curious, where is that point of entry, similar to when a GPS dropped to $300....I don't think we're there yet. But just imagine how truthful everyone is going to have to be when front/rear cams are as common as gps.....

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I'm puzzled

BarneyBadass wrote:
grzesja wrote:

For your information: your cellphone activity (sending/receiving/position) is logged by service provider. So you can delete whatever you want from your phone. If they will need record of your phone activity they will subpoena service provider not your phone. They will go for phone only when looking for illegal content you can have recorded on phone.

So true and that's why its important to encrypt your phone's memory and any associated SD card associated with it.

How does encrypting the contents of your phone prevent the service provider from being able to tell the government or your adversary in a lawsuit if your phone was being used at a specific time?

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