Change log available?


Is there a change log available to see for the speed and red light cameras? Also are mobile speed camera locations available? I did get a citation with a laser speed cam in toledo. It was a cycle cop under a bridge in Toledo (I75NB under the Indiana Blvd overpass). Seen them their quite a bit but did not realize till now that he actually was "taking pictures" (trucker talk)

Since "Mobile" locations

Since "Mobile" locations change from day to day and hour to hour, they would be impossible create a workable file.

AS far as a change log, I don't think so. POI Factory updates the file weekly, but no change log.

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The city I live in has only one Speed Camera according to the POI factory file.
But RLC's to the best of my knowledge sometimes are not in the box at the location indicated.
I seem to remember reading about them years ago that they leave the boxes but move the cameras around from one location to another. The signs "advertising" the RLC remain though!

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