In Prince George's County, Maryland almost all the speed cameras are movable. Probably at least 90% of them. However over many years I have only seen one speed camera moved - and it was only moved around 100 feet.

For years I drive past a special ed school - Frances Fuchs, which has speed cameras.


The cameras has been there for years, and will probably continue to be there for years, but it has been removed from poi-factory speed camera database....along with probably every speed camera in Prince George's County.

So, please re-think the decision of removing portable speed cameras from the database.

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same thing happened

With some speed camd in Montgomery county, md

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P G County

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we "need" more of those


2 changes

The location you mentioned looks like it was originally entered as a Hyattsville speed camera. In 2013 the city of Hyattsville started it's own speed camera program, so this location was removed as it was not listed as part of their program. Per your note, and the Prince Geroge's Co website. I have reinstated this location and listed it under the Prince George's Co. jurisdiction.
I've also added a new Hyattsville camera set to go live today.
These changes will show in Wednesday's update.

I show over 60 speed camera locations in our file for Prince George's County. Please let me know which locations you believe are permanent, but that we don't have in our content. I will research to see if I can find out how many cameras they're contracted to have in circulation.



PG County Speed Cameras

In addition to the cameras operated by PG county, there are a number operated by the local towns (like College Park). The College Park camera along US 1 (Baltimore Ave) near Calvert Road was removed several weeks ago.

thanks, Mark!

That change will be included in Wednesday's file update.