Chase Bank POIs


Anyone have a link to USA Chase Bank POIs?
Thanks cool

Chuck Stewart Benbrook, TX

Apparently not

I just came looking myself and saw your post. This should resurrect your post in case it was overlooked in june.

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ChaseBank POI

I would like to see a nationwide POI for Chase Bank locations also.


There is a file available on this site, however it has not been updated since 2009 and I am sure that makes it outdated. However, if you want a copy of it, I can send it to you. Let me know.
I will also contact Angela and see why it doesn't show up in the poi listing.

Only one I can find 2007

Mahoney has one he downloaded from 2009. Is there anyone interested in taking over this file? He could email you what he has.


How Come?

I too noticed that there's no listing of Chase Bank, but I know I got these 2 files here from yesteryears--Chase_Bank_ATMs.csv dated 03/26/2009 with 4,280 listings and Chase.csv dated 01/27/2010 with 5,158 listings. In as much as I've wanted to update it myself, it's just too much for me to handle. I'm sure I didn't get these 2 files from somewhere else unless my memory is failing. smile

Spreadsheet of addresses?

I just Googled Chase locations list and the extract says there are currently 16,000 ATM and 5,200 branch locations nationwide. If one of us can obtain a spreadsheet of these addresses from Chase, it might not be too hard to build a .csv from it. Otherwise trying to start from scratch would be a formidable task as most available info is designed to aid one with a smartphone to find the nearest locations. To do this, there must be a master file someplace.

I have sent an email to my contact at the local branch to see if it is possible to obtain such a list of addresses from them, both branch and ATM locations.

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Chase Bank File

I began working on this listing yesterday and I am currently working on New York. I have so far obtained over 4000 locations, including both Banks and Atm's. The 16000 atm locations apparently includes the Atm's at the branch banks as well as the stand alone atm's.

CHASE Bank Locations

I just uploaded the updated file. This Listing includes all Branches and standalone ATM,s. Most of the Branches have ATMs, but a few do not. Column C shows these. See the download page for any additional info.

Thank You

Thank you mahoney for taking this one on. It is particularly helpful to know where their ATMs are when traveling.

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Chase Banks

Thanks for the thanks. Let me know if I need to make corrections.