copy address book from 9145 to 9490


Bought a 9490 to replace our 9145 that has 'issues'. We have over 400 addresses that I'd like to copy to the 9490. Magellan flat out says it can't be done. I was able to copy a file folder named 'address book' from the 9145 and I pasted it onto a Micro SD drive. I connected the 9490 to my laptop and I can see that the file named 'address book' was copied onto the native drive on the 9490. Magellan says the 9490 can't read the address file as the two units have different OS. I should have gone with my gut and bought a Garmin 760, but my wife likes the layout of the Magellan. Happy wife, happy life. Is there anyway I can open the .asx address book file (not sure if I have the extension correct) and convert or copy it to the 9490?