Last week, two Broward County traffic judges tossed out 24,000 red-light-camera ticket cases, ruling the program violated state law.

The voided tickets would have totaled more than $6.3 million in fines and costs.
Map: Orange County red light cameras
Map: Orange County red light cameras

The Broward judges relied on an October appellate decision that concluded the city of Hollywood delegated too much police authority to its camera provider, Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions, which counts Apopka, Clermont, Ocoee and Orange County among its clients.


I often have to travel on Highway 20 through the town of Marysville, CA. It goes right through the town and is always backed up. There is a RLC at one point that has to make a fortune for them as, unless you know it's coming and make sure to wait for a chance to get through the intersection, you will get caught in the intersection when the light changes. It's tough on people who don't know the traffic flow (or lack thereof) and don't expect traffic to simply stop when they are in the intersection.

Most of the time the cameras aren't "too horrible" but situations such as this one are obvious traps. I've had people behind me get angry and start honking but I wait to be sure I can clear the intersection before entering it. RLC of this type should be removed.

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