Red Light Cameras download


Hi Everybody,
I goofed up. I never saw the page after I used Pay-pal to download my purchase. What can I do?

Jim in Houston

Sorry about that

Sorry about that. JM will send you a copy via email.
Thanks for letting us know, Jon is working on improvements so that this is not happening.
Miss Poi

TYVM !!!!

TYVM !!!!

I paid and then realized couldn't get the red light download.

I paid thinking I could get the red light camera locations but now can't get it.

How does one become active?

I also need to know how one can upload red light info


Hi jpleary --

I sent a copy of the file to your email address. I've been working on fixing this today. I'm very sorry for the confusion.

Additions to the red light file all go through Miss poi. When you're logged in, look for the "report a red light camera" link in the right column.




I just paid for redlight camera poi and never got it.




Hi bosphil -- I found your transaction and sent a copy of the file to your email address. JM

Thank you very much. I live

Thank you very much. I live in Ventura and we have quite a few cams. If I see any not listed here I will send in.

Thanks / Contact Info

Thanks bosphil

If anyone else has had troubles with the download, please send me a note via the contact form. I will lookup your transaction and send a copy via email.

Sorry for the inconvenience.