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i took this question off another site."It's not just POIs for biking. It's routing. I fantasize about routing software that can get me from point A to point B by the best bike route, whether that includes bike paths, trails, or other off-road biking.

From my home to the San Francisco Bay is 10 miles. But no GPS will show me the optimal biking 10 mile route, 8 of which are off-road.

That's what I want for Xmas, Santa"

could a poi be built to do this. we have some great bike trails around tulsa and im sure other areas do also.

does anyone have any good

does anyone have any good ideas on this. i could use map source and set up routes and feed them into my etrex but i dont know how to do it on a better unit.

saved routes

Some of Garmin's older automotive models (like SP 2610) had a saved routes feature, but I haven't seen it in newer models like c530.

With the saved routes feature, you could upload routes from MapSource (same as you described for your eTrex).


I just did a quick test. I

I just did a quick test. I have Mapsource with both the CN that came with my Zumo and my old US Topo that I used with my Vista. I created a couple of routes and downloaded them to the Zumo the same way I would with the Vista (much faster though). They show on the Zumo as routes and I can select them. However, I suspect you may need to change the zumo routing prefs to offroad to get it to let you follow it like you would on the Vista.

PS, I also loaded some of the US Topo maps too and can use them.

Rusty Myers Austin, TX Garmin eTrex Vista, Zumo 550

zumo / saved routes

This is good to know.

The zumo manual mentions a saved routes feature, but I don't see a similar mention in c530 manual.

On zumo, you can create a saved route by touching "Where to" > "Routes" > "new".

RFB -- you man want to see if you have a similar menu option on your c530. If not, you may not have this feature sad


there is not in the 530 that

there is not in the 530 that i can find

i just created a bike route

i just created a bike route from tulsa to skiatook ok in map source and saved it. i know how to transfer it to my etrex but how do i save it to a poi so that others can use it if they have a unit that will take routes

saved routes / poi files

POI files can store separate locations, but they don't hold any routing info that lets your GPS know the sequence they should be followed.

In MapSource, if you look under the properties for your saved route you will find the coordinates for points along the way. There might be an automated way to extract waypoints from a saved route, but I haven't come across one yet. Worst case, you could manually copy / paste.