Approaching 10 Years?


I just past 9 years as a member (9 yrs. 3 wks.). grin

Anyone else coming on 10 years?

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There are around 10,000

There are around 10,000 users between us, and I'm at 8-29.

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Not Quite

It'll be 8 years (7-51) for me next week.

9 Year old

Long in the tooth but few in the visits. smile
I am like that long lost cousin that keeps showing up on Holidays.

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About 6.5 years here...

...but I look like I'm 100. You know what they say: "It's not the age it's the mileage." --Professor Jones (Harrison Ford) Raiders of the Lost Ark" hah! sad

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Still A Way to Go

7-23 here.

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coming up on 8--

has it been that long? the fun never stops, I guess -- I'd say the traffic never stops, but it does, all too often...

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Woo Hoo 7 years

7 years and 1 week for me. Visit this site almost every day, unless I'm traveling.

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Not There Yet

Only 7 years and 24 weeks.


Only 7 years and 24 weeks.

9 years - 5 weeks as of

9 years - 5 weeks as of today.....

WOW, 9 years and 6 days.. my

WOW, 9 years and 6 days.. my mmebership

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7 years, 2 hours.

I guess today (Jan. 3) is my POI Factory anniversary .,, shows I have been a member for 7 years, 2 hours!

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8 years 39 weeks and I almost never come here

I find that my cell phone with Waze or Google Maps is more than satisfactory for 99% of my needs so I basically have no interest in a stand alone GPS and I have no need to spend money on a new one.

As a matter of fact I don't think I have used my Nuvi 350 in more than a year or 18 months.

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6 years and some change

Google maps has done most of our navigation but the Nuvi is always in the glove box ready to be used in those situations where all you have is a GPS signal smile
I have managed to keep its maps updated via an SD card... also keep a road atlas with us on trips... you just never know wink

I am not there yet but will

I am not there yet but will never catch up wink

Only 8-28 here. Seems like

Only 8-28 here. Seems like longer.

I'm only at 8 years 5 weeks.

I'm only at 8 years 5 weeks. It didn't seem that long

Still a newbie

at 7 years 20 weeks. All I do now is check in occasionally.

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Not quite

But its exactly 6 years this week. Time flies eh?