So How Many got a GPS


So how many members got a GPS for Christmas?

Was it what you wanted? Was it a surprise? Have you gone for a "Test Drive" yet?

I'm very happy with the 3597 I got last year. This year I got a wireless weather station to replace my old one that the remote units are slowly failing one by one. Now, if I can just keep the tree rats away from the Rain Gauge!

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No GPS, but got a nice bonus

No GPS, but got a nice bonus from the boss that might be invested in a newer GPS. Have to start scouring ads for after Christmas sales tomorrow. Did not do the Black Friday thing, that's way too much hassle for me. I figure if they can mark a GPS down one day a year, they can mark it down the other 364 days of the year.


No new GPS. Will stick with my old nüvi 760. smile

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Although I bought it for

Although I bought it for myself, in early November it counts as my Christmas gift to myself, a new 6 inch Nuvi 2689. Very impressed with it, compared to the 2460 it replaced it's a lot better in many ways.

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try this

metricman wrote:

Now, if I can just keep the tree rats away from the Rain Gauge!

Have you thought about building a tree rat launcher..

If you dunno what a tree rat launcher is do a search on Google foe squirrel launcher

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I did

I finally got the 3597. An upgrade from my 3760. I am working on updating my map theme optimized for it (the 3597 treats the map themes different) I will supply a link for it when I'm done.


I got me one o'them newy fangled GPS's.

I whent out n' hookwd it up tis murning and asked it to take me to a mall where I culd return sum stuff and it culdnt make its mind up where I should go

Never argue with a pig. It makes you look foolish and it anoys the hell out of the pig!

New GPS--

But it's just a receiver module that spits out time and position 10 times a second. Going to try some gadgets that know where they are as well as what time it is. It's amazing the precision you can get for $15, even in small quantities. All you need is a clear view of the sky, and some of them can provide pretty accurate time for a day or more after figuring out where they are -- take them out for a walk, sit them out on the porch or the patio table once a day and they're good to go.

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no gps

none for me




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GPS Christmas Present

Yep, bought myself a Garman RV760 LMT for Christmas...Does that count as a present?

new 2797

My new GPS is a 2797. Love the bigger real estate. Sure helps these old eyes. The only complaint so far is that the touch screen seems doggy. I flick the screen and many times nothing moves any feedback on that.

No new GPS here. There were

No new GPS here. There were other things to upgrade that were more important.

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No not yet still trying to

No not yet still trying to figure out whether HD traffic is worth it.

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