How Do I Get My Favorites/Saved Places To Stay Deleted?


How Do I Get My Favorites/Saved Places To Stay Deleted?

Perhaps, you followed the instructions in
How Do I Delete Or Edit A Favorite On My Nuvi, LIVE, Dezl, RV, Or Camper Series Device? {G}
and the Favorite(s)/Saved Place(s) comes back.

Or, you may have done a Master Reset to take your device back to its original values, but you find that some or all of the Favorites/Saved Places are still there - even though you were warned that all the Favorites/Saved Places were about to be deleted.

So what happened?

Well, you may have some .gpx files on your device that you need to delete.

You are probably aware that your device outputs a file named "current.gpx" every time the device is turned off and subsequently re-boots. And you may know that if you want to backup your Favorites/Saved Places, you copy the "current.gpx" file to your computer. Then, if you want to restore Favorites/Saved Places, you are instructed to find that backup of "Current.gpx"; rename it to "current1.gpx" or for that matter any name other than "Current.gpx";; and put that file into the GPX (or perhaps Garmin/GPX) folder on the device. That is one way a extra .gpx file might make its way onto the device.

Most of the time your Favorites/Saved Places are entered onto the device, one Favorites/Saved Places at a time. However, you can add Favorites/Saved Places in bulk by putting them into a .gpx file and putting that file almost anywhere on the device or SD card. (See note below)

So, if you are having problems keeping Favorites/Saved Places deleted, then you need to attach your device to your computer and look on the device and on the SD card for ".gpx" (without the quotes).

Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the device itself. Then, type ".gpx" (without the quotes) into the "search box" which you will find in the upper right hand corner of the Explorer window. You should find the file "current.gpx"; you may find files named "1.gpx", "2.gpx" , etc which are Archive files. You might find a "last position.gpx" file. Any other .gpx file are likely ones that you added and should be deleted.

Repeat for the SD card, if you have one.

Note: on my 765T, a .gpx file in the root of the device or the SD card will not be recognized, so on some older devices, the .gpx file looks like it has to be in a Folder.