(Florida) Red-light cameras’ future may hinge on court decision in Oldsmar case


TAMPA — Clearwater resident Tammy Trinh was headed northbound on Forest Lake Boulevard when a red-light camera snapped her running a red light as she turned right onto Tampa Road.

A $158 fine from the city of Oldsmar soon followed in the mail.

Instead of paying, Trinh opted to fight the ticket.

That single, unremarkable case has become the latest battleground over the future of red-light cameras in the state, with Arizona camera firm American Traffic Solutions looking to protect its multimillion-dollar contracts in Florida against a coalition of traffic attorneys determined to shutter red-light cameras statewide.


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Well, not strictly, as ATS wouldn't directly participate in any windfall from the appeal they're funding.

Or do they? It sure seems like they (1) are a non-party to the action, and (2) will directly benefit in the outcome.

Have to see what the appellate division does with this one. As the article suggests, a split among the different circuits could send this up to the Florida Supreme Court, which could keep the whole thing on shaky ground for another year or more.

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