streetpilot 7200 $649.00 @ Costco


I just noticed that Costo is offering the streetpilot 7200 for $649.00 and that included shipping and handling.

7200 @ Costco

That is one great price.

I have a 7500 and got it on Amazon, but Costco's price was good too...

Unfortunately, they ran out of stock.

The difference between the 7200 & the 7500 is that the 7500 has the Dead Reckoning feature.

They are really nice units if oyu have the room in your vehicle.

Very.... very easy to see.


that is nice price but the

that is nice price but the only thing i like about that gps the featuring is has semi-trailers and rv mode but is to big!!!

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Turns out that it might not

Turns out that it might not be as big as you think if you have a regular sized truck. It might not be a great fit for your sports car but I'm looking to upgrade from the 2820 to the 7200 in my truck due to the size.

streetpilot 7200 $649.00 @ Costco

One Heck Of a price you better buy a couple of them i going to check this out

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Costco has Great CS

Costco also has great Customer service. I have heard that they pretty much have a no questions ask return policy. And they have great prices..

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Street Pilot 7200

I have a 7200 and can't imagine life without it. I no longer pay any attention to maps or trip planning. I just jump in the car, tell the 7200 where I want to go and follow the instructions. It is a great piece of technology.

streetpiolet 7200

I got my sp 7200 4 mos ago at for $650 it works great but having trouble getting someone to install a backup camera and getting it to work which is one of the features of the unit.