Windshield Mount for Smartphones


I'm looking for a windshield mount for my OnePlus One smartphone. This is a big phone (5.5 inch display) with a rear camera located on the top center back of the phone.

I'd like to turn my phone into a video recorder while I'm on vacation. I'm going to Banff and Jasper national parks. I'd like to capture the beautiful scenery while driving and whenever I want to. With that in mind, the windshield mount must be out of the rear camera viewing angle.

Does anyone have any recommendation? Thanks.


I'd take a look at the kuda site --

Kuda makes mounts pretty specific to your vehicle. Not cheap, but for me at least, they're worth it. They fit the vehicle well, hold gadgets securely, and don't look like something you picked up at the local auto parts place and installed with drywall screws and duct tape.

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If it's car specific, it won't work because I'll be renting a car. I don't know what I'm going to get.