Miami Nightmares


If you use East Coast Park and Fly in Miami, don't trust their web site with regard to hours of operation. They close at 10:00 PM on Friday nights, not 11:00 PM as advertised and as confirmed verbally when we dropped off our car.

Big surprise when we returned to Miami after 9 days touring in Cuba.

Severe rain storm delayed our flight out of Cuba by nearly two hours. We were to arrive in Miami at 8:45 PM but instead the wheels touched down at 9:55 PM. Called the parking garage while the plane was still on the runway heading for the gate. Three minutes later and we would have been unable to get out car until the next morning. They refused to honor their hours and we had to pay a taxi $17 instead of the free shuttle service to pick up our car, which they left in the drive with our keys on the tire.

Driving north on I95 we were treated to more Miami hospitality. Someone decided to shut down 5 of 6 lanes for construction. Squeezing 6 lanes of traffic into 1 had traffic backed up for several miles. And this was at midnight!

Rude, agressive drivers.

I did not have my POI files loaded in Garmin and I know there are a lot of traffic enforcement cameras in Miami. The icing on this nightmare cake will be if there is a traffic fine letter waiting for us.

I hope I don't have to visit Miami again for a long time.


I agree the I95 traffic can

I agree the I95 traffic can get pretty bad, even on weekends. If anyone is coming to town for cruises, I suggest you arrive well before sail time. I almost miss my boat, even when my original plan had me there with two hours to spare.