How do I create a route using shaping points?


Shaping Points

Note that Shaping Points guide navigation but will not "alert" during the trip.

These devices allow shaping points:
Roughly, these are models introduced in 2013 and later
BMW Nav V, Camper/RV Series, dezl 760, nuvi 55, 56, 57, 58, 60 series, nuvi 2407 series, nuvi 2507 series, nuvi 2508 series, nuvi 2509 series, nuvi 2609 series, nuvi 2707 series, nuvi 2708 series, nuvi 2709 series, nuvi 3507 series,
nuviCam, and zumo 590

To create a route with shaping points on the device:
1. Touch Apps
2. Touch Trip Planner
3. Touch New Trip
4. Touch Select Start Location to add a beginning waypoint. Note that the Start Location is not necessarily the point from where you'll be leaving. The Start Location will be the first point you would like to travel to.
5. Use the various search options to locate the desired starting point
6. Touch Select
7. Touch the (+) icon to add additional waypoints to the trip

Follow steps 5 through 7 to locate and add up to 30 total waypoints

Note: At least three locations must be selected to create a shaping point

a. Touch the orange flag icon next to a waypoint to change to a shaping point. Up to 125 shaping points can be added to a trip.
Note: some devices require the trip to be saved before this step
b. Touch Next
c .Touch Save
d. Enter a name for the trip
e. Touch Done
A new route with shaping points is now saved to the Trip Planner.

Thanks to Canuk for this additional information

Shaping Points Advantages:
1- You will not be alerted as you're navigating and arriving at a shaping point as you are when using waypoints/vias.

2- If you deviate purposely off your route, the unit will skip the upcoming shaping point and navigate you to your next shaping or waypoint.

The disadvantage of using only waypoints is when you deviate purposely off your route the unit will try to route you back to the waypoint that you didn't go through.

3- When using shaping points with certain units you're able to manually skip an upcoming shaping point.


Note: Shaping points do not contain arrival time or distance between points information.{ded5ca70-88e8-11e3-d5f4-000000000000}

And he later added:
all points (waypoints or locations) can be reordered if necessary by dragging and dropping the orange arrow icons on the touch screen. For shaping points all you have to do is touch the orange flag icon that's next to a waypoint.

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