Audi, BMW and Daimler are set to buy HERE from Nokia: report

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better than Uber

I think from the point of view of the typical poi-factory participant, this ownership is likely more favorable than would have been a sale to Uber, which once seemed rather likely.

The Wall Street Journal story from which the posted link derived content has considerably more detail:

Some point of interest:

1. Nokia lost a lot of money here, having paid $8.1 billion in 2008 for Navteq, they are only getting back less than $3 billion.
2. Here's Klashorst is quoted in a way supporting the essential need for crowd-sourced traffic data.
3. He also seems to understand that intermittent updates delivered on DVDs cannot meet the timely data requirements of more automated driving.

We have seen the future, and it looks rather a lot like the the approach Google took to providing navigation and mapping to Android users years ago. Namely fresh data should arrive at location-based need wirelessly, not come every now and again in multi-gigabyte updates most users will never install, and traffic data has to be crowd-sourced because no one is ever going to install dense enough sensors to deliver timely traffic data any other way.

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Uncertainty for Garmin.

How likely is it that this group of companies will want to partner with Garmin? I suspect they view Garmin as more of a competitor than a partner.

I could see Garmin shifting gears here and going with another map provider ... maybe OpenStreetMaps? It seems unlikely to me that they would be able to partner with either Google or Teleatlas (TomTom). Or could this be the beginning of the end for the Garmin automotive GPS devices? It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

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Oppps I have been left a BMW 550iGT front tires 450$can, i think I will park it. 22000 miles on Pirreli tires and it needs front and back, back are bigger . Tires ,"high performance suprised you got got that many miles" Pirreli quote. mad

Not a fan of Here

Not a fan of Here yet... it needs work. the A B D three can do better for navigation