Garmin 67lm or Tom Tom go 60


Hi I'm planning on buying new gps unit .I currently have factory garmin indash on 2011 jeep. I mainly want to add speed & red light camera poi also school zones. I'm mainly drive in New York & Pennsylvania. I'm looking at GARMIN 67 lm or Tom Tom go 60. Which has more poi or is easier to install or more programs and better maps? Any advice appreciated. Thanks

Some help

I don't have any knowledge of the Tom Toms so I'll give my thought on the nuvi. It appears that in addition to your indash Jeep GPS that you also have a nuvi 58LM. Things to consider:

-the 67 and 58 both require the power cord to be connected/disconnected each time you remove/replace the nuvi in your vehicle. Some premium models have the power cord connect to the cradle that holds the nuvi so that there's no need to tinker with the cable all the time. If minimal tinkering is desired, think about what to buy.

-the nuvi 67 is a Lower 49 State device and is not the nuvi you'd want if you see a trip through Canada to Alaska soon.

-compared to your 58, the 67 has a bigger display and more pixels. Other than that, they're quite similar.

-both offer great School Zone reporting with no effort required to install, etc.

-Adding Custom POIs (redlight and speed cameras, etc.) is very easy with nuvis.

Lastly, two final thoughts on the Garmins:

-many nuvi devices now come from the factory with only two English language voices and only one speaks street names. Know that you can add many more voices:

-here at The Factory, the majority of the users are Garmin folks, so if you have questions about a new nuvi, you will be offered a lot of help in addition to the faqs here, etc. Similarly, both your 58 and your built in GPS are Garmins so that I expect the learning curve for the 67 would be minimal. My guess is that there'd be a bit longer learning curve if switching from a known manufacturer to new one.

Good luck in shopping.