Trouble connecting iPhone 5s with Nuvi 2797


Curious if other users are also having BT Problems between iPhone 5s and Nuvi 2797. My iPhone is running 8.1.3. 2797 used to connect easily but now rarely connects inspite of my resetting both devices. Can't figure what's wrong or,what I am doing wrong.

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8.3 broke BlueTooth. If you

8.3 broke BlueTooth. If you still have 8.1, you shouldn't be having any BT problems. 8.4.2 is in Beta and reportedly fixes the BT problem.

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thats why

I call them iCantPhones.

I can't understand what your saying

I can't hold a connection

I can't keep a charge

I can't display a PDF file

I'm not surprised Bluetooth connections can't connect

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