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strange thing happened to me while using garmin express I used express to back up my favorites,
any how when I finshed and turned off garmin express my 1450lm rebooted and started the green bar loading again, again, again,
so I tried to release by clicking remove hardware and it said I couldn't it was busy !! the green bar got to about 1/4 inch long and reset again, again, so I turned off the computer and then removed the garmin. rebooted the computer. started the garmin all went well until I went to favorites arrrgggg my favorites were all numbers no names so I deleated them no biggie I have all the address written down and on google earth
is andbody else having problems with express ?

Sorry to hear about that

but Garmin Express does not due a backup as you would expect.

Nuvi 2460LMT.

That Sucks!

Oooh may avoid a back up!

Only Favorites

pwohlrab wrote:

... Garmin Express does not due a backup as you would expect.

When Express offers to "backup" your unit it only means Favorites. That is unfortunate because most people logically think that it is the "unit" that will be backed up.

Corrupt Favorites list.

This problem has been reported periodically with the 1xxx series nuvi. An update corrupts the saved Favorites and changes their names to random characters. It is one more reason to always have a recent backup of current.gpx. And incidentally, this is one file that Garmin Express does back up if you use the Backup function on the Tools menu. In fact, in some situations, Garmin Express performs the backup automatically, so you might want to try the "Restore Backup" function on the GE Tools menu to see if ther is anything there.

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