Repair onboard Toyota Avalon GPS



Does anyone know where to go in the greater Chicago area to have my onboard Toyota Avalon GPS fixed?

Please don't suggest the Toyota dealer. Been there and the only advice they offer is to replace the entire unit at thousands of dollars and I know the problem is with the toggle switch not making good contact.


Salvage yard?

That is the only other realistic option I can think of. Electronics repair in this day and age usually means "replace", even when covered by warranty.

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Getting the GPS fixed

I would take it to a car alarm installation store or a car stereo place. There are independent ones that handle built-in GPS. They may not agree with your assessment of this being a quick easy fix, of course, and may want to sell you a new one, or may say, "We only service what we sell," but it's worth a shot. Check around on yelp for a reliable store.

If it does come to replacement, if you don't want to work with an independent or Toyota dealer, you can buy replacement ones on amazon, eBay, or that will fit the built-in Toyota Avalon space and install them yourself. Crutchfield may cost more than the first two but is good with DIYer technical support on installation, which can be worth the extra cost depending on your skills and comfort level.

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No, but it sounds pretty expensive.