kansas turnpike service centers


I'm travelling both east/west thru Topeka, Ks and cannot find any mile markers/entrys to the Lawrence and Topeka service centers. Is this this type info available? If so, where?

Service center mileposts

Go here
and click each gas pump icon for the ones you want the mileposts for.

Second line down in the window that pops when you click the fuel pump icon for Topeka, it says the Topeka service center is at milepost 188.

And the one near Lawrence is at milepost 209.

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Tollroad-Turnpike Food Services

This POI has the physical locations for the service centers on the Kansas Turnpike as well as other toll roads around the country. Not sure if this is what you were looking for, but if so, it's here.

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KS Turnpike Service Centers

Look at this file titled Tollroad Turnpike Food Services


Thanks everyone! The mile

Thanks everyone! The mile post info is helpful. Are there any co-ordinates associated with the mile posts that I could plug into Streets and Trips and Nuvi? (see below)

I'm really using Streets and trips 2013, and trying to input these service centers as "stops". It shows really weird stuff. Then I program the Nuvi 1450 from that data.

On Nuvi, I finally located one of the McDonalds(under fast foods) and programmed it as a stop.

I think I'm fighting a losing battle with Streets and trips since MS is shutting it down. My searches for other Desktop pc mapping software has been zilch also.

Thanks loads

Thanks! I D/L'd the file

Thanks! I D/L'd the file and will try to find them. Sounds like exactly what I've been looking for

streets & Trips

delta_queen wrote:

Thanks everyone! The mile post info is helpful. Are there any co-ordinates associated with the mile posts that I could plug into Streets and Trips and Nuvi?

Streets and Trips isn't that great of a program for developing routes for your Nuvi. You will have more success with either MapSource (discontinued) or BaseCamp from Garmin. S&T and Mapsource primarily transfer only the start and end points although Mapsource will do intermediate points in some instances. To really do it right with one program, you need to bite the bullet and struggle through the learning curve for BaseCamp. User Norwood has developed some great tutorials on BaseCamp that do ease the heartburn considerably. The other advantage with the Garmin programs is they use the same maps found on your unit so everything transfers seamlessly.

I have all three and find myself using S&T only to find cities and view an overall route. The actual route planning I now do with Basecamp.

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mile markers

Be aware that something strange happens with the mile markers. Although the mile markers start at one and go up as you cross Kansas on I70 going from west to east, when you hit the KS "turnpike" and continue east bound on I70 the mile markers drop to lower numbers. I believe this is because the "turnpike" has it's own mile marker numbers and you are joining the road as it comes up from southern Kansas (even though that section of road has a different Interstate number). I find this quite annoying. Can't even tell from the official Kansas road map what the mile marker numbers do west of where the "turnpike" ends.

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