Magellan Roadmate won't bootup


*Corrected model number*

A friend handed me his Magellan Roadmate, I think its an model 2136T-LM, to see is I could fix it for him. I believe he was in the middle of an update when it died on him. I have all Garmins but I'll tinker with anything.

On bootup Magellan displays on the screen and a dial gauge appears below it. On the gauge a dial hand starting at 12 o'clock rotates clockwise 1 full revolution and then stops at either 1 or 2 o'clock. It does this whether it is connected to the laptop via USB cable and when not connected. It does not show up in File Explorer.

Are there any kind of hard or soft resets that can be done?

I haven't checked the Magellan website yet, thought I'd check here first.

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