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I have a marine Garmin GPSMap 182c color chart plotter. This unit has a little door where you insert a chip that loads detailed chart data into the unit.

My problem is the slot for the card, the "card reader" itself (I think).
The GPS does not "read" the data from the card. I take the card to a different gps unit and that unit displays correctly.

My unit continues to say "Reading Card Data" on the screen forever....hours on end. The data never loads onto the machine.
The gold pins inside the slot are all intact and clean.
Garmin does not support repairs on the unit any longer.

I'd like to keep the unit and just fix the glitch.
Does anyone have any ideas on what to do? Maybe unscrew the case and poke around inside??

Thanks for any suggestions.


First of all, download a manual if you do not already have one. Follow the instructions to do a reset. Without the map inserted, put the unit outside for at least a half hour in an open area for it to see the satellites and get a position. If it can, you are ahead of the game. Then follow the instructions on when to insert the map. It is possible a firmware update is available.

Edit - There is no reset function since turning off the 12v supply resets the unit. There is no internal battery. In order to get a position, the antenna must be connected and upright.

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Thanks Dobs108;
My unit does get excellent position and satellite information. There is an internal "chart" that displays general location information, which it does nicely.
It is the specific info on the data card that does not get loaded into the unit.

Because Garmin no longer supports this unit, I do not think I can get a firmware update. I called them hoping to send it in and pay the repair fee but they would not take it at all.

So the way I am currently using the Garmin 182 is to get the accurate position data and feed it into a Raymarine plotter display. Of course I would prefer the 182 to also display the detailed information.

Any other ideas?

Too Old?

It is probable that the 182 is not reading the data card because the card is too new. Only older Garmin BlueChart or MapSource data cards are compatible with the 182. Newer charts on data cards (including Garmin) will not work. The last update for the older charts was in 2008, so this is probably a non-starter for marine use. In my opinion, any chart used for navigation must be fully updated.

Today electronics is less and less expensive. The GPS or chartplotter for marine use is mission-critical. It might be time for a new unit.


(Note – MapSource is a marine chart and not the Garmin MapSource software used with road GPSs.)


Firmware download which uses an SD card to install:

Accessories including the print manual:

This is from the manual, page 25 –

Map Page Options
Source Tab

Basemap – On/Off: turns the built-in base map on and off.
Data Card Maps – On/Off: turns all optional BlueChart/MapSource data loaded on the data card on or off.

To display the Map Information Page:

1. Highlight the “Data Card Maps” option box and press Enter/Mark.
2. Use the Arrow Keypad to scroll through the list of maps.
3. To select/deselect a map, use the check box.

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Another way?

From the Garmin Support site. The link is too long to post here.

Question: Why is my device not able to display the maps from the preprogrammed Inland Lakes data card I just purchased?
Older versions of Inland Lakes mapping could be preloaded on a proprietary Garmin Data Card. These Garmin Data Card versions are now discontinued and no newer versions will be made. The versions that were preloaded to the Garmin Data Card were programmed on a 256MB data card. Some devices are only compatible with a Garmin Data Card with up to 128MB of space. This means that the preprogrammed Inland Lakes cards cannot be used. These devices are:

GPSMAP 172/172c
GPSMAP 178/178c
GPSMAP 182/182c
GPSMAP 188/188c
GPSMAP 2006c
GPSMAP 2010c
There is a way to get the Inland Lakes mapping to work on these GPS devices. Three items will need to be purchased.

Inland Lakes DVD-ROM for a PC
64MB Garmin Data Card
USB Data Card Programmer
Note: These items are no longer sold by Garmin and must be found from third party vendors, if available

Note: The USB Data Card Programmer is only compatible with 32-bit Windows operating systems that use USB 2.0 or higher

With these three items, Inland Lakes mapping can be installed onto a PC. With the USB Data Card Programmer connected to a USB port on the PC and the 64MB Garmin Data Card inserted into the USB Data Card Programmers, the areas of mapping needed can be selected and sent to the data card.

Once the maps are transferred to the 128MB Garmin Data Card, the card can be inserted into the GPS device and the mapping will appears.

Last modified on: 10/09/2014


Are the Great Lakes "inland lakes?" Most important - how old is the data on the Inland Lakes DVD?

It sounds easier to buy a new chartplotter...

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Some Suggestions:

I do not recommend you open the case of your 182C except as a last resort. To do so may compromise the watertight integrity of the unit.

Until last year, I owned a GPSMap 176 which used the same data cards as your 182. I had one particular data card that would not read in the 176 but would read fine on my computer using the remote card reader accessory. I solved the problem by copying my chart data (I scanned my own paper charts and downloaded from Garmin’s BlueChart CD-ROM) from the defective card to a used one I found on eBay similar to this:

This process requires the use of a remote card reader and a computer with a serial port which you may not have. Also, if you are using a Garmin BlueChart preloaded data card, this will not work due to Garmin’s copy protection scheme.

I was eventually able to fix the bad data card by using spray tuner cleaner and a very small pin to clean the contact holes in the card:

Even though the gold plated contacts in the GPS socket look clean, it wouldn't hurt to clean them anyway with tuner cleaner and a lint free cotton swab.

If you have another card which works in your 182C, the problem is likely a bad card. If the above process won’t solve the issue and you are using original Garmin BlueChart cards, as you’re probably aware, they are still available used. For example:


Considering the age of your 182C, it may not be worth risking the cost of another card unless you can be sure your unit will read at all.

No serial port

I too have a computer with no serial port. There is a Garmin serial to USB adapter cable available for about $60-. A similar adapter is available from for less than $10-.

No Luck With the Amazon Product

dobs108 wrote:

I too have a computer with no serial port. There is a Garmin serial to USB adapter cable available for about $60-. A similar adapter is available from for less than $10-.

Thanks for the tip but I bought the Amazon USB adapter last year and could not get the card reader to work with my Win7 64 desktop. Instead of paying $60 for the Garmin product, I got a $20 Startek PCMCIA serial adapter for my laptop which solved the problem.

I sold the GPSMap 176 last fall so it is no longer an issue for me.

Used webupdater

Running Windows 7 x64. Used the TrendNet brand serial to USB adapter to update GPS 76. The adapter comes with a driver on disk but the driver was not used. Garmin support says the update will not work with Garmin Express and to run WebUpdater. It worked!

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The Best

serial to USB adapter for older Garmin devices I've found so far is this one:

I own two of these and they work perfectly with Win7 64 and older operating systems.


Hello every one

this is best

bdhsfz6 wrote:

serial to USB adapter for older Garmin devices I've found so far is this one:

I own two of these and they work perfectly with Win7 64 and older operating systems.

This is best - just one cable.

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I appreciate the help and suggestions! I am quite sure the card works fine...I can put it in a different unit and it works great.

I"ll try cleaning the pins on the unit and the holes in the card too.

I'm trying to keep this unit, or a similar one that uses the 7-pin Power/Data cord as I have that cord wired into the boat and other equipment. The new units have an entirely different cord and I'm looking at days of re-wiring.

I'm normally a big fan of Garmin, but I"m not liking the overload of new models and non-support of older ones.