POI Confusion


Recently purchased the Nuvi350 and am totally confused with the POI thing. I would love to have places to eat and shop added to it however I have several concerns.

Recently my husband and I wanted to go out to dinner and when I knew the place was very close I decided to play with my new gadget, however after doing a search it did not find the closer restaurant, instead it found the one that was 10 miles away. Why is this?

If I purchase a POI database will it fix this?
How do I make databases of places so that when I want to search for nearby stuff it comes up?

Any information would be wonderful. Dh wanted to get me this for Christmas and I am so overwhelmed...he is legally blind so he does not drive, and does not have to deal with all of this fun stuff.


There's a small learning curve with the gadget

I have a nuvi 350. It offers info, going from closest to further away. I suspect you may have hit the wrong category of food offering (e.g. Chinese,when you wanted Italian. Or, you hit 'All' which shows too many choices and yours got lost in the clutter. You can hit any of the food choices ('all' 'chinese' etc.) and then spell out your choice by hitting the 'spell' button. Or at least spell the first few letters. e.g. If you want Olive Garden, odds are there are no restaurants other than that which starts with 'Olive'.

You need the POILoader to add your own POI's to it. Directions are with the program. It's very easy to use.


Nuvi 350, GPS Map 76CX