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I have a Nuvi 500 and when I try to load a north america map update, I get a warning that there is not enough internal memory available, so I then have to choose a region (west, etc) to update. My question is, I have an 8MB memory card in the Nuvi, doesn't not the update maps go there or, can I use the memory card to hold the maps? I want to have all the maps with me-I obviously don't know how to use the memory to its fullest advantage. Help please!

Bad and good news

The bad news is that your 500, like my 855, will not automatically use a SD card for map updates:

The above faq tells one way to achieve what you want by clicking its:

What do I do if my device doesn't support the SD card feature during the Garmin Express map update?

The good news is that you can use the clone method which you may find easier than by using Garmin's method:

Good luck. Read the instructions and follow them exactly. If you have a problem or question, ask first.

On the bright side, at least your nuvi can utilize files larger than 2GB. For some models:

◦nuvi 300 Series
◦nuvi 600 Series
◦nuvi 5000
◦StreetPilot c500 Series

the clone technique can not be used since it now results in a map file larger than 2GB:

maps to SD card

Another option is to install maps to computer then use map install see

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