Contributors Of The Week 2015-02-16


This week we are recognizing, turboccc!

He stopped in this weekend to help us an EPE issue.
I’m including part of his message so we can thank him here and keep the EPE thread focused.

“Hi guys!

I found the issue and it has been fixed in EPE v5.92. Just go on my wiki site and download the latest version.

I could not let you down. I know you rely a lot on this free tool. I still feel guilty about not fixing the other things (circles, streetview, ...).

I hope all of you are doing well. I got promoted in 2013 and have 25 people under me. Kids are growing. 7&10 already. Can you believe that? EPE v1.00 was released February 8, 2008. Crazy how time goes by.

I wish you well. I'll stick around a few days in case there's another issue.
Have a terrific year and don't stop your good work at POI-Factory.

Best regards,


Congratulations on your personal and professional successes! You are a highly respected and valued member of this community and we appreciate all your contributions.


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Enjoy your week as a COW smile

Thanks Turboccc

I realize you don't hang out here anymore, but thanks for not abandoning this community. Your contributions are legendary.

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Oh, what a relief it is!!!!

Thanks Turbo




We couldn't do without you.

So nice to see your face again. Thanks so much for all you do. As you see, you are indispensable...

Thanks again,

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Great Choice!

We all owe a lot to Turbo for his great program.

Thanks for taking the time to help us out!

Well deserved COW!

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Turbo. Wish you could hang around a little more often though. I've always enjoyed your comments and a big thank you for your efforts.

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Thanks again turboccc for taking the time to help all of us out. EPE has became the number one tool for most of us here at POI Factory .Congrulations for your COW. You have definitely earned it.

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Congratulations, Turboccc.

Congratulations, Turboccc. Thanks for standing behind your software.

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Congrats turbo!

Congrats turbo! Excellent software...

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Good Chioce

Turbo is a good choice for the COW even if he can't be here as much as he use to. The program is worth it. Congrats on the COW. as well as the job promotion. smile

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and Thanks

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Congrats Turbo.

Congrats Turbo.

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You're The Man!

Congrats and thank you for helping out!


Outstanding choice! Thanks for stopping in, turboccc. We all appreciate what you have done (and continue to do) for this community. Two huge thumbs-up!

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Many Thanks!

Thanks for your continued support of this forum and you work with EPE...

Enjoy you COW!

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Congratulations Turbo!

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Rules!!!! Enjoy your week as COW

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Hi POI-Factory

Hi everybody,

Thank you for this COW. I appreciate the honor.

As mentioned, I could not let you down. I have good memories about my long stay at POI-Factory. I'm glad to see most of the people I knew are still here. I always felt welcomed every time I visited although I have been a stranger the last few years. You still are the best group of people I ever worked with on the web.

I always felt guilty about not fixing all features since the previous google API change. This time, I'll try to fix a few more since I'm back in javascript mode. I just want you to know that I'm really ill-equipped to debug such scripts and it is really a pain to do. It's like trying anything until it starts working. Not quite but close. LOL! I spent 3 hours understanding and fixing the first issue and 6 more to fix the circle list. Time passes way too fast...

Alright. Have to go. Still have the "View All POIs on Map" issue to fix. Let's see who's gonna win. Me or the javascript... Hahaaaa!

Bravo TurboCCC

Again, thank you so much for taking the time out in spite of your very busy schedule. I, for one, has been an avid user of your program. I still can't forget the time you took the time out in helping me with my problems in EPE many years ago. I'm sure it's gonna be you instead of the javascript. Good luck on your endeavors and God bless!

Cheers Turboccc!

Cheers to you for the COW honor. And even more importantly, cheers to you for your much appreciated feeling of allegiance to this community and the sacrifice of your time and talents keeping this legendary program alive.


Wow, turboccc. Thanks for ALL your contributions. What a great member of this outstanding site.

Enjoy your well deserved week in the pasture.

Welcome Back Turbo and Congratulations!

Even if it's just a short visit, we certainly appreciate all you've done here at the Factory.

Many thanks!


Congrats Turboccc.


Keep it up


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A great pick for COW!

I can understand why you made this your choice for the week.

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Congratulations turboccc!

Congratulations turboccc! Enjoy your cow.

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Thanks, Turbo

Thanks for fixing EPE, and congrats on your success. It's nice to see you come by for a visit!

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Congrats on the COW

This is a well deserved award. I do miss seeing your posts on the site however. Keep in touch!

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to turboccc. wink

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congrats turboccc

Enjoy your COW.

It is people like you that make this site worthwhile!


I have seen the future and it is now!

Good job

well done.

Thanks turboccc

As usual thanks to your contribution and congrats to your achievement.

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Congrats turboccc!

Thank you for your contributions and kudos on your COW award! smile

Many thanks

Turbo, Your EPE application is the lubricant that keeps this factory running. It sure would squeak a lot without it. Congratulations!

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Congrats Trurbo

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Thank you for your efforts. Keep up the good work!

A hearty HIP HIP for a great

A hearty HIP HIP for a great contributor

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Thank you for your

Thank you for your information and contributions.

Congratulations turboccc!



Thank you, Turbo! Glad to hear things are going well!