2797LMT Refurb New User


Just received my refurb 2797LMT.
What a beast!! Gonna love it.
Sure is a bit different than my Zumo550.
Had a problem with my Win7 64bit not recognizing the unit until I remembered a previous problem with plugging into a front usb port.
I then plugged it into one of the rear ports and Voila!! Problem solved.
Updates using GE went without a hitch.
POI Loader is a pain, only installing one at a time.
Am considering adding paid Live Traffic to my Android app. POI Loader does not give the option of installing to SD card. What do I do?
Help to this newbie is appreciated.

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be sure to do a backup

You never know when in a moment of sheer stupidity you reformat what you though tas something else when you had it connected.

What do you mean POI Loader is a PITA? Put all your custom poi into a single folder (you can have one level of subfolders as categories) and tell POI Loader to load the top-level folder. Running POI Loader in manual mode allows you to set either a speed or distance triggered alert.

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Great Unit!

I had a 2797 which I used over the summer. I liked the unit a lot and would recommend it to anyone interested in a large screen GPS. I added the BC 20 wireless backup camera which I found to be a must when pulling a trailer. I decided to trade the unit for an RV 760 which is very similar to the 2797 but with additional features for larger vehicles.

As you have discovered, the USB port has to provide enough current to boot the 2797 for it to be recognized by Windows. Before doing anything with the 2797 on your computer, it is always a good idea to first make a backup. Jgermann provided an excellent post on the subject:


As Boxcar stated, you can simplify loading your POI files if you download them into a single directory on your computer and then use POI Loader to install the entire directory on your 2797. To avoid duplicates when making updates, make sure you use POI Loader to first delete all existing POI files on the 2797. You must then run POI Loader again to add the new files.

There has been a lot of discussion here about Garmin’s Smartphone Link and its Live Traffic app. For the most part, the comments are positive. I use it on both my RV 760 and 3597 and find it works better in my rural area than HD traffic. This will vary depending on where you drive.
Here is a recent post on the subject:


As others have stated, POI

As others have stated, POI Loader loads up the whole directory at once.

While we're on topic for the POI Loader, what's the general consensus for everyone, delete old POI files first or just overwrite, when updating?

I guess

I guess if you wanted to save an old version of your POI's you would want to move it off the device prior to loading up a new set using POI loader.

If you have no use for the old POI set then I'm not sure why you'd go to the trouble of deleting the old file if part of the update process is going to do it for you.

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I Delete First to Avoid Duplicates

When I install a new POI directory on my old 1490, POI Loader does not delete the old directory and I wind up with duplicate POI’s both on the unit and in Basecamp. I never took the time to investigate what is going on with the directory structure so I’m not sure why. jbees60 reported a similar issue with his 1450 in an earlier post.

I’m not sure if this problem is common with other Nuvi’s or not. It may not be necessary with newer GPSr’s. The issue may have been resolved in a newer version of POI Loader but I am in the habit of deleting the old directory anyway just to avoid a possible problem.