Waze problems on my LG G3


In the past, I have been an ardent supporter of Waze, and even recommended it highly on this forum. It has served me well on my HTC One and LG G3. One issue I noticed was that occasionally, the sound went out. The oral directions stopped. Today, after the voice directions quit, I shut off Waze, and no sounds (ringtones, notifications) worked. The settings showed that everything was normal. The only fix was to power cycle the phone.
Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling an app fixes some problems. Tried that with Waze and it caused issues with the response of my screen as I signed into Waze. Specifically, Waze sent me a text and my native texting app froze, screen unresponsive, an issue I've never had before. Tried a second time, uninstalling and reinstalling with the same frustrating results.
The last update to Waze was 12/13/14, and even after that date, G3 users are still rating Waze highly. Perhaps they haven't used the app for an hour or longer that it takes for the problem to crop up. I'd go to the Google Play store and let my issues be known with the appropriate rating, but I canceled my Google Plus account and they won't let me rate the app.
If you already use Waze or are planning to install it, watch out for the sound issue. It was mentioned in some posts on other forums over a year ago and has apparently reared its ugly head again after the latest update.

Same Problem

I have the same loss of sound issue with waze on my iPhone 5. I was hoping the latest update would address the problem but apparently, it hasn't.

Thanks for the tip.


Thanks for the update.


I'm not really lost.... just temporarily misplaced!

Uodate to my Waze Woes

I tried to find a substitute for Waze. Google Maps now has turn by turn navigation, in beta. It works, but does not have the speed and red light camera warnings that are so desperately needed in this camera-saturated area. The app also suddenly stopped working a couple of times.
I scoured Google Play for a free or reasonably priced app that warns of cameras and can be used in the background while using Maps. CamSam was one, but in a test drive around the area, the app missed two of three red light cameras, and missplaced the speed camera by 100 yards. Deleted it as unreliable.
So I reinstalled Waze and managed to get it up and running without the installation process messing up my messaging app as before. So far, it has been working satisfactorily.
Will update again if I run into more problems with Waze.


You may want to look at MapFactor.It has the free version for maps. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mapfactor.... .It includes redlight and speed cameras.You can also install the ones here at Poi Factory using there conversion method.Maps load to SD card. There forum discussions can be foud here http://forum.mapfactor.com/discussions

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Waze issues

Generally I find waze very useful but a few glitches: some are due to the wazer who reports an issue but gives little helpful detail.

Another is the recent update had me re-qualifying from baby wazer, before being able to give some reports, even though my user name was the same.

On a new download to another cellphone I had to re qualify also.
A recent update removed rain as a weather hazard keeping fog, hail, flood, icy roads.
I wrote to point out that rains on roads should require a change in driving behavior which may not be apparent to some.
While the editor(s) seemed to agree with me, rain has not yet been returned to the hazard options.

Waze is also a larger file download compared to Map Factor. Will test drive MF to see how it compares functionally to Waze.

No problems here

Using Waze extensively (currently v3.9.2.1) on my iPhone 5C (v7.1.2) with only about 7 other apps on the unit. Spartan, maybe, but I'm not a big gamer and prefer stability over a plethora of games I rarely play. I only have it installed on the one device, so I can't speak of requalifying (to get my crown back) on secondary devices.

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Trapster gone

I used Trapster's garmin POI files in the past, but noticed they shut down now sad

Waze vs MF

Having run Mapfactor(MF)thru the paces IMHO there's little comparison.
Waze has a much more comprehensive and robust ui feel to it. (probably part of the reason for the larger file size).

Waze may also not let you input reports while your vehicle is moving - great for avoiding texting while driving.

MF does not seem user intuitive and initially did not seem to be geared to USA. I did figure out I needed to download the appropriate maps but that does require additional steps and time. Also it was not clear on starting a trip how to input this into MF vs a destination.

MF also does not appear to address the accustomed reports which help guide motorists.

Uninstalled - not yet ready for prime time.