Magellan Meridian Color


My Dad received this unit with the travel pack that includes the MapSend DirectRoute software - I cannot load it on either of my PCs running Windows XP - has anyone else had a problem with this?


I know of two probs with it. There were some problems with the 1.0 version and XP on some hardware that they said they fixed in 3.0. Not sure I only have 1.0.

I am running it on XP. I found that on my pc's if I had enabled data execution protection in the advanced properties of my computer it would not run. Seems they must be reading or writing somewhere they shouldn't.

Very nice toy btw. was able to log everwhere I drove and replay them in Direct Route. The docs were a little lacking, but all you had to do was upload a map and you were on your way.

I just got a Roadmate 800 with voice lately, nice toy also, especially if you break out to the CE os on it.