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Hi, first post.
I'm trying to make a POI file for the Sygic app (I'm using Android as a test bed). I use Sygic's RUPI Convertor from Sygic at and follow their instructions to the letter. I've seen the instructions you have on this site about Sygic/McGuider POIs and I comply with those also.

The txt file that I use converts with the Sygic Convertor and makes a rupi file with no problems. The rupi file installs OK on my Android phone but the phone numbers do not show up. The built in POI's phone numbers work OK. I've tried emailing Sygic's customer services but no response in days.

Has anyone here successfully constructed a Sygic POI file which contains phone numbers that work?

I've tried different formats for my phone numbers using no brackets, no plus sign etc but no luck.
Below is a sample of the txt file I'm using. The phone number is in the 5th column. There's nothing in the fourth column. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

-0.28197|50.83137|Adur Estuary||+(44)-(1273)-775333|||||
-4.86045|55.24372|Ailsa Craig||+(44)-(1413)-310993|||||

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Phone number

I really have no idea but I am betting it has to do with the phone number.

Have you been able to find a file example that has phone number as part of the file?

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Thanks for replying

Thanks for replying jgermann.
I thought it might be to do with the phone number but I have tried it in all sorts of formats eg +4412345678, 4412345678, +(44)-(1234)-5678 and variations thereof including spaces instead of brackets etc.
I've looked at the 'built in' POIs from the Android app and they show the numbers with leading plus sign and brackets but it doesn't mean that it stores them internally that way.
I haven't found any files in text format which can be converted to rupi. There are of course many rupi files which I can load into my app but I haven't found a convertor to reverse them back into text (ASCII) format.
However I am using a trial version of the Sygic Android app so perhaps it will not allow the phone numbers to appear. I've also tried inserting email addresses in the correct field but they don't show either.
I shall persist and if I solve the problem I will post back here. I'll try adding addresses next to see if I can get any other fields to work apart from lon, lat and name!

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Yes I had looked through

Yes I had looked through those before I joined the forum.
I've tried filling in all the fields with addresses, emails etc but nothing shows up. Just the name. Just tried using a csv file to start with using the delimiter as a comma. All load OK and show in Sygic but only the name of the POI shows. I'm getting more convinced that it is because I'm using a trial version.
I'm going to have to find someone with a full version because I don't really want to lay out the money for something I won't use.
Thanks for your help anyway. smile

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