Hello and Thanks


Hi All. I just found you and have been downloading my head off. Thought its about time to say thanks.

I frequent a few RV forums and that kinda led me here. Currently planning a cross-country trip for next year. So far, have downloaded National Park RV campgrounds, Rest Areas, Utah Arches. I even had to edit a CSV to make it work for us.

I'm loading the coordinates to my custom Google map and had to delete quote marks from columns. Don't know why, but it wouldn't take a CSV with them or () or {}. I just did a find and replace and exported that result from Numbers (Mac Excel) back to a new CSV and it worked!

I may get crazy and try to load these POIs to my in dash Nav (JVC I think) if possible. At least I will load some of them to the GPS. I guess the thought here is to avoid relying on cell service?

Enough rambling

Thanks again

Oregon 550t


Welcome to the site. It appears that you have successfully downloaded some excellent POIs. You also seem that you are comfortable with loading and modifying files as needed.

I would like to suggest that you include the make and model of your GPS in your profiles signature. That makes it easy for anyone responding to see what you are using. Different units have a variety of features and limitations, as well as a few peculiarities. This helps others that have familiarity with that unit to walk you through some of these capabilities and peculiarities.

You might want to look into Extra POI Editor, as a great tool to edit and create your own POIs.

Good luck.

DriveSmart 65, NUVI2555LMT, (NUVI350 is Now Retired)