Any experience with RV760?


I've owned a Street Pilot and now have a Nuvi 1390. Lately, I've been longing for a larger screen (older eyes like larger screens), and I'm wondering whether there are any benefits to the RV760 for me. Reading some user reviews on Amazon, I see a few comments about poor POI's, particularly one "truck stop" that turned out to be a convenience store (ouch!)

Since I'll continue to rely on campground and truck stop POIs from POI Factory, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the RV760 and has found any other feature(s) that would recommend it over an automotive model.

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My Thoughts

The answer to your question really depends on the vehicle you drive. The RV 760 is designed for larger motor homes and vehicles towing trailers. It also has an automotive mode though which makes the unit suitable for smaller vehicles as well. I pull a large trailer with my heavy duty pickup and I like the fact that the unit can be used in automotive mode when I’m not towing.

Although I’ve only had the 760 on a few long distance trips, I prefer it over the Nuvi 2797 which I owned briefly. Both have the 7” screens necessary for larger vehicles or older eyes (I have both) but the 760 allows you to enter the weight and dimensions of your vehicle which are saved as a profile. The profile is used to determine the best routing and provide information on adequate parking for your vehicle’s size and weight.

As some reviewers have reported, Garmin’s clearance and weight restriction databases are helpful but not all that accurate. Their campground information is also woefully inadequate. Fortunately, as you know, there are many great files here at the Factory which can be used to supplement the Garmin data.

IMO, If you drive a large RV or pull a trailer, get the 760. It’s worth the extra $130 or so over Garmin’s other 7” screen models. If you drive a smaller vehicle, the features of the 760 may not be of much use.

BTW, for an extra $100, the 760 can be paired with Garmin’s BC20 wireless backup camera which I find very useful.

Garmin has a similar RV unit.

Garmin has a similar RV unit.

not only similar

gadget_man wrote:

Garmin has a similar RV unit.

How about the exact same unit!

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Well, actually...

bdhsfz6 wrote:

The answer to your question really depends on the vehicle you drive.

The motorhome is a 39' diesel pusher, with a toad (towed PT Cruiser). It already has a backup camera (actually one on each side, selected by the turn signal, as well as the main camera at the rear.) I have to admit that most of my driving is interstate highways until it's time to take an exit to get to the RV park. I can't say that I run into low overpasses or weight-limit bridges the way I usually travel.

I've never had a unit that lets me enter multi-point routes, but I'm in the habit of setting up "via points" in advance, so I can "where to/recently selected" to follow something other than the route Garmin would pick for me.

I guess my question boils down to "if I'm going to rely of POI Factory POI's, what does a Garmin 'RV model' have to offer me?"

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The main reasons I prefer the 760 over the other Garmin 7” models is (1) access to Garmin’s large vehicle database and (2) the fact that it can be used in automotive mode as well in smaller vehicles.

Yes, the Garmin database isn’t complete but neither are the POI Factory files. For example, there has been talk of creating a low bridge / tunnel clearance file but nothing workable is available yet to my knowledge. I realize with the rig you have, this isn’t an issue.

I’m not a big fan of using a multi-point route created by a GPSr especially when I’m towing a large trailer. I usually create my route in Basecamp and export it to the GPS before a trip. Having access to more information is a good thing on the road especially if you have to change your route on the fly due to construction, accident, emergency etc. There is no way I know of for any GPSr to automatically route around an obstacle which is part of an imported POI file.

I also have a backup cam on my pickup but I find it handy to put the BC20 on the rear of the tow. Again, this may not be an issue for you since your tow is much smaller than your RV.