Hows been your experience with tire snow chains and snow cables in the mammoth lakes area


Has anyone had a recent experience with having to use tire cables or chains in the sierras? Heard they had a foot and a half snow in Mammoth Lakes this last week. Would M+S tires suffice or would it likely require cables/chains?


Chains are great when there is snow on the ground all the time. M+S tires just don't as well of a job. I recently installed a set of Spikes-Spider chains. I think they are the best for low profile tires and cars with ABS.. What kind of car are they going on?

it depends

It all depends on the conditions. In California the Highway Patrol will often enforce the "Chains Required" signs by stopping all vehicles and having them chain up. No chains/studs - no go. Snow tires usually work fairly well in light snow but are of no real use in heavy snow or hard packed snow/ice conditions. Studded tires aren't good in heavy snow, but they will always outperform any plain snow tire.

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The sierra means grades

Mud and snow tires work well in snow in flat country with grades that are not steep. If a grade is steep enough, a little snow or ice on the road will get you stuck just spinning your wheels, and you will become an obstacle for those behind you with the proper chains or cables.

On a steep downgrade, a little snow or ice on the road will prevent you from stopping and you might hit another vehicle or end up in a ravine.

Chains or cables apply to 4-wheel drive vehicles too. The rear end of pickup trucks can swing out so weight has to be put in the bed.

Many grades in the Sierra or the Rockies are posted - to proceed you must be chained up. I agree with these laws since they are for everybody's safety and will keep the road from being blocked by accidents or disabled vehicles.

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Snow cables and chains

Thanks for the info. likely on a FWD chrysler 200, I think.