My garmin nuvi65 has no voice alert for speed limit only red sign alert that useless ... Could u plz help me how to install sound alert for speed limit on my garmin plz...


If you mean the posted speed limit display on the nuvi, it is not possible to do this.

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Not practical

You can setup alerts if you are withing a specific distance and going over a certain speed, but they only work on specific points so it is not practical to do that for every location's speed limit.

Most alerts are setup for a speed limit of 0, so they go off whenever you are withing a specified range regardless of the speed you are driving.

If you are that concerned about it, get an automobile speed governor. Talk to your insurance agent, they may even offer a discount on your insurance if you get one.

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Avkan wrote:

My garmin nuvi65 has no voice alert for speed limit only red sign alert that useless ... Could u plz help me how to install sound alert for speed limit on my garmin plz...

Not sure about the Nuvi 65 but on my old 2460 I had set the locale as Australia in order to take advantage of being able to turn autozoom off and on. One of the other changes that made to the Nuvi was that it would produce an audible "bong" when I exceeded the speed limit that the Nuvi showed on the map screen.

Now that could have been the good news BUT since the Nuvi considers 1 MPH as being over the speed limit the "bong" was going off constantly. Even with the car in cruise control it would "drift" up or down a mile per hour so when set at the exact speed limit the alert was constantly going off. Just about drove us crazy.

IMO your better off just looking at the speedometer than using the Nuvi's ability to alert you to being over the speed limit.

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Posted speed limits

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There's a disclaimer in the Owner's Manual regarding the posted speed limits for a good reason. It is handy to use the speed limit displayed on the nuvi but understand that it was somehow coded to the version of the mapset you have at some point it time in the past. Presumably periodic map updates include refinements on posted speed limits, but I can't imagine how they can keep up with each and every one between each update. I've noticed that often the display changes to match the speed limit sign posted on the side of the road, but not always. Occasionally, there is a significant gap between the physical sign and when the nuvi posts the change or it simply misses it and one can go sailing along not realizing the limit dropped if they weren't watching the signs. It is not unusual for enforcement to set up a short distance beyond a sign and wait for those who weren't paying attention.

The short answer is there is no guarantee that the displayed speed limit is accurate. If the nuvi were to provide an audible alert any time the speed limit was exceeded it could lull the driver into an expectation that the GPS was always right. Even if the display matched all the posted signs, to be useful, the alert would be better if it went off a distance before the posted sign to allow the driver to coast down to the lower speed.

Back in the '60s and '70s some of the deluxe models of cars had a buzzer rigged to the speedometer so that the driver could manually set it to the posted speed limit and it would buzz to alert if they exceeded the set point. To keep it from going off all the time, I set it about 5 above the speed limit, but it turned out to be one of those gadgets that really wasn't all that useful except for long stretches of Interstate where the limit rarely varied. Cruise control was a better gadget for the road and that one caught on and is pretty much standard equipment now.

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I see you already posted to that thread but there was a lot of useful information provided.

The best advice I can offer is to try a smartphone app like Trapster and not rely on your GPS for this purpose. In either case, you are at the mercy of the accuracy of the speed limit databases.

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