Editing waypoint symbols in Garmin BC Mac?


Hello Listers,

I've tried to add custom waypoint symbols in BC Mac by creating a sub-folder (CustomSymbols) in:
~/library/Application support/Garmin/Customsymbols

No luck?

I've tried to edit one of the symbols in Photoshop, but the new file can't be saved?

Any ideas?


Did you try

I noticed that myself today

I can't remember the last time I used Base Camp. I'm assuming it was possible at one time, but I recently switched to Mac from Windows and I has used Map Source in the past and recall I could right click on a waypoint and select an icon from a list or use a custom designed one. When I had imported my waypoints today, I saw that my old ones had symbols I had assigned some time ago, but the newer ones simply had a dot and I didn't see a way to change them. Am I overlooking something also?

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