Map Corrections - Do you send em in?


Every once in a while, I find a changed ramp, intersection, or my GPS shows I'm traversing undeveloped ground. Most recently, I noted a place where lane guidance indicated there should be three lanes, but there were only two. POI locations are often off by quite a distance.

I use BaseCamp to report map errors when it's convenient or I think an important safety change. It's pretty simple to right click the location where the change needs to be made and "Report Map Error" brings up a reporting form.

Ironically I usually attach a link to Google Earth to clearly show the corrected information. Google Maps and Earth are way ahead of City Navigator.

Do you report errors? What's the most outrageous error you've found?

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I send in map errors.

There is a very convenient feature in BaseCamp to help me do so.

There must be thousands of changes that the mapping and database owners have to deal with, per quarter. Thousands, and thousands of changes.

It is not a simple task, and above all it really needs to be updated and accurate.

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I was going to send some corrections in for speed limits. After reading this thread I doubt I'll waste my time doing this.

I have attempted to send in

More information on my previous post...

I have attempted to send in many errors...
Problem is, It insists on serial number of unit...
and that is not always available....
But even when it is available, there have been times where my description is too long, and even with the proper serial number, it politely tells me that I entered too much information, so it deletes it all, and asks me to type it in again.....

Which is usually followed by me swearing at the site, and going elsewhere....

So, how many errors have I been SUCCESSFUL IN?

Maybe 2 or 3... and it's their fault!

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