Happy Thanksgiving (Canada)

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Happy Thanksgiving

We have a lot to be grateful for.

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Happy Gobble-Gobble day....

to all Canadians.

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happy thanksgiving

to all my Canadian friends.


To everyone in Canada
"Happy Thanksgiving"

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To all the Canadians

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving, a?

Happy Thanksgiving, a? Especially our friends in B.C. and Alberta, you know who you are, a?

Happy Thanks Giving to all

Happy Thanks Giving to all my Canadian friends as well..

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Hope Everyone Has a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving

Wish everyone the best on Thanksgiving, including both our Canadian & American Friends.

Whether we celebrate on October 13, or November 27, we all have much to be thankful for.

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Happy Thanksgiving. Very

Happy Thanksgiving. Very thankful for a beautiful day on Sunday for my daughter's wedding and extremely thankful that I'm not on the 401 heading to TO right now.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canuks. Now we can leave for Arizona and another Thanksgiving at the end of November. grin

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Happy Thanksgiving Canada.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada.