3597 LMTHD loses voice guidance intermittently. Please advise.


I have had the Nuvi 3597 for about a month. The maps and software (v 4.40) are current as of this post. I just used it on it's first long road trip and, for some reason, the voice guidance frequently does not come on when I choose a saved location and hit "go". The map shows giudande but the voice prompts are silent. Then, suddenly, with no changes made and on the very same trip, the voice guidance will come on and work properly. It is intermittent but happens about 30% of the time. When it happens, it's always that it starts silent and then kicks in with the voice after an undetermined period of time (many minutes). I have never had it start with sound then become silent part way through a session. Please let me know if anyone has experience with this as it is very, very troubling. Thanks.

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I may have had this happen to me 1-2 times with my 3597.

If you're hearing this failure more often, I'd try two things:

1) The 3597 generally doesn't turn off but goes to sleep instead. Like computers, sometimes a reboot will fix odd issues. Hold your power button down until you're given the choice to fully power down the unit. Then restart it.

2) If the first thought doesn't work, try a hard reset. This also can fix a lot of odd issues, especially after a firmware or map update:


Good luck and let us know what you find.

You may also want to download the Owners Manual for your GPS:


Update: Sept 18, 2014

The nuvi 3597's firmware has just received a new update to version 4.50. See: