2797LMT Shutdown Splash screen


Getting tire of seeing the "Go to Garmin... for updates" everytime my unit shuts down. Is there a way to change this splash screen?

When Does The Message Appear?

Kindly clarify, are you saying this message appears when using on battery power or plugged into the 12V power supply?
Or does it appear when you disconnect from your PC?

I've never seen that message displayed.
I don't know if Garmin Express is causing this since I don't use that program for updates.

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At least

At least on some of the newer devices, the latest firmware update added an Updates section to the Settings menu which basically is just another way for Garmin to push users into using Garmin Express.

I've seen screens on start up, right after the update like the one the OP is talking about here, but never one on shutdown that I can recall. I don't see any such screen anymore but the addition to the settings menu remains.

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Shutdown splash is part of new firmware update

Yes, I can confirm that on all three of my Garmins (50LM 2797LMT 2798LMT) they each say that now. I think it's text and not an image, so doubt there would be any way to customize it. I'm sure many complain about functionality or bugs who fail to update and know nothing about firmware updates, so the reminder is beneficial for many who are unaware of the need to update.

Shutdown splash

It's the one that appears when you shut off the car. "device has lost power, device will now shut down", something like that. Then you can either cancel the shutdown or let it shutdown. I object to Garmin referring me to their website for updates. Don't want see that every time the device shuts down. I kinda know where to go for updates.

That's why I would like to change it.