Contacting retailers direct


Has anyone thought about trying to directly contact retailer headquarters in order to obtain full store lists?

I know that I probably have access to a few of them from Midwest retailers who I do business with and I'm planning on calling tomorrow at work, but I don't think you need to be anyone special to get these. Has anyone tried anything like this?

I would think that if you had an excel file with street addresses, it would only be a matter of copy/pasting everything into a geocoder like gpsvisualizer's and then some excel manipulation to get everything in the right columns. Most store lists that I've seen from retailers also come with phone numbers, store numbers, and sometimes even store manager's names.

I'd say its worth trying if you're working on compiling POIs for an entire chain, and I'd be interested to here if anyone has attempted something like this.

yup it is in the works, just

yup it is in the works, just a bit slow going.

Miss Poi

I emailed customer service

I emailed customer service at California Pizza Kitchen with a detailed explanation of what I wanted. I received a canned reply, telling me they were sorry that there was no location near me.

Not only were they not helpful, they were also wrong, as I have a CPK 20 minutes from my house. sad

I'll likely continue to do this for a few places I'm interested in, but we'll see how it goes.

You'd be surprised how much

You'd be surprised how much further you can get with a phone call to their HQ. Just tell them you're an interested vendor or something like that.

Good luck!