Cross-over Highway construction?


Went to Oklahoma to ride ATV's this weekend and noticed something strange on my 660. This was my first "real test" of the unit.
I-35 North was under construction in Oklahoma for a few miles. You cross over and head north on one of the southbound lanes. This really confused the GPS and it couldn't understand what was happening. It almost looked as if the unit wasn't tracking then it wanted me to do u-turns etc (u-turn was checked as an enabled avoidance). It seemed to not want to tell me what to do.
Anyone else noticed this? Is there a setting I could have changed which might have helped? On my 60Cs, I can chose to "lock to road" or not, but I don't see an option like that on the 660.


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GPSr only knows about roads in map

Your GPSr only knows about the maps it has. The road construction had you going on a road it didn't expect. In those cases you have to ignore the GPSr until it gets back onto an existing road.
In my area they have added new highways and modified the existing roads, so my GPSr is "blind". That is why I am awaiting the next map updates (v2008) which should be out soon. Of course I will check out the coverage to make sure these new roads are included on the maps before I make my purchase.

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