Solving "Route Memory Full" Problems


Solving "Route Memory Full" Problems

If you get a "Route Memory Full" error message on your device, you should look for one of the following situations.

1. Your route has too many turns.
2. Your "Archive" files have gotten too large
3. Your device needs to be updated.

The first thing to look at is whether your "Archive" files have taken up too much memory.

A. Attach the device to your computer
B. Navigate to the GPX folder (on some devices this may be in the Garmin folder of the Internal Storage folder).
C. Open the Archive Folder
D. Delete the contents of this folder
Note: It is always a good idea to make a complete backup of the device before doing any deletions. Hopefully you have a fairly current backup.
E. Safely disconnect the device

If this does not solve the problem, then consider the route itself. Each turn (basically where the voice gives you instructions) is stored and if there are more turns than memory available, the device cannot proceed.

Try to break the route into smaller segments.

Finally, it could be that the device's software needs to be updated.