Best system to buy for Ambulance Drivers


My daughter recently became an EMT and has just earned her 'drive status'. She has mentioned that when being dispatched to some new areas, that having GPS would allow her to respond much quicker to calls because she could go around construction, or bypass traffic jams, etc... Does anyone have an idea of what system we should consider for her? I'd appreciate any comments as I know nothing about any systems.

The best system

Would be one that is integrated into the Ambulance's communications gear, tied to dispatch, that would deliver the address for a call directly to the rig's unit, and away they go.

Short of that, Any of the Nuvis would do it - their easy user interface would allow fairly quick inputting of the address.

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I have often wondered how

I have often wondered how police and other emergency vechiles find places that the driver isn't familiar with. I have recently seen a few of our LEOs with personal (assuming) GPSr. I have seen about 2 street pilots and probably 3 or 4 nuvis.

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Thank You very much for your

Thank You very much for your quick reply! I know that dispatch has tracking GPS to know where each unit is, but I don't know what 'system' they use and I don't know how detailed it is and whether or not she could tie into it. It makes perfect sense, but I never would have thought of that. Thanx! I'll have to look into that.

real-time map on GPS

I would imagine that while it's getting the directions & etc from dispatch. The map function on the GPS is the one that's useful in this case.

I don't think the routing functions on the GPS would be very useful. I have the Nuvi 660; and *if* I can legally speed and drive thur red lights, I would imagine that the GPS will be "recalculating" most of the time, and won't be able to keep up as I change from the GPS "recommended" route!

In any case, you probably want to look for a GPS with a big enough screen and one that updates fast (as least the map).

Good luck.


Some GPS units - like the Zumo - also offer the ability for subscription to a trafic service so you can learn of where the local problems are at any given moment. I do not have/ use the feature, but those in large metro areas who have it think it is the best thing going. Something else to consider...


She could also create waypoints for the beginning of each street and basically run the street depending on how populated the area is .
We did it at my stations and it works well.
Again, not extremely populated.
Area of about 100,000.


c550 Has Emergency Vehicle Function

I just double checked my StreetMap c550 and it has a vehicle choice of "EMERGENCY". Of course, I really don't know what that will do for you. Since I mostly use mine in my semi, I leave it on "TRUCK" even though I'm not certain it makes any real difference.

They also have a listing for "TAXI". Maybe that routing will take you way out of the way for increased fares? smile

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Hmmm.....Interesting tidbits

Hmmm.....Interesting tidbits of info for me to digest! I really appreciate your responses! Thank you very much for taking the time to share your thoughts with me! I think I'm gonna see if some relatives want to go in on this gift with me and then I can get a bigger/better/faster unit for her. As it stands right get one that recalculates quick enough (while not millions of dollars) is out of my normal price range, and I don't want to get a lesser model that will be useles to her. Geez....If I hadn't of gotten your tips I would have probably wasted my money on the wrong unit. Thank you again!

My Son is a EMT and drives a Ambulance in NYC

My son has worked for a few differnt companys as a EMT.

Some of them gave there drivers a GPS to use (he told me most were Garmins) and alot of the drivers get there own.

He says most of them like garmin due to the fact they think it is a better unit.

Also I asked him about the Emergncy and he said thet they dont use that method. It dont really give them proper driving directions.

Also the Company that they work for will give a selected POI file for there use ( hospitals and nursing homes, etc.)

Sort of a cool thing. When he gets home, I will try to get him to read this and post his thoughts if you like..

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